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Ransomware is now one of the biggest security threats to businesses of all sizes, but there are ways to combat it. Our new ebook explains some of the things you can put in place to protect against ransomware attacks. You may be surprised how easy it is to protect our business.

Anti-Malware Training

Your staff are unknowingly, the most likely point of entry into your network, for Ransonware. Clicking on an innocent looking email attachment, which professes to be an invoice or other important document, can lock a computer in seconds. If that computer is connected to the network, servers can also be compromized. It is for this reason that regular anti-malware training is so important. We can show your staff what to look out for in infected emails and take them through what damage they can cause. We teach them how to be more vigilant and pro-active in dealing with ransomware.

Disaster-Recovery Services

If your network is infected by Ransomware, you dont always have to pay the ransom. With a good, snap-shot based backup and disaster recovery solution, clean systems can be restored relatively painlessly with minimal data loss. The infected systems are wiped clean and restored using a clean recent backup. Our StorTrust backup and disaster recovery services employ such technology, which has saved our customer's data on several occasions.

What Our Clients Say


"Abtech really come through when it mattered. They got us back up and running so we could invoice a $10 million contract before the end of the year. If we hadn’t got that invoice out, the client would have lost their budget and we would have lost that income."

-IT Director, National Defense Contractor

"When our main database server failed we called Abtech. They had us back up and running on their DR servers, with all our locations connected in less than 30 minutes. We were getting better performance on Abtech's servers than on our own server."

-Head of Operations, Retail Company

"When we were hit with Cryptolocker, we didn't know what to do. Fortunately we had Abtech's StorTrust Backup and Disaster Recovery service. We called them up and they were able to restore the infected systems with clean backups and we only lost 10 minutes or data."

-CFO, California Construction Company

"When we needed a partner to provide the IT systems for our new building, Abtech was the only supplier that offered an end-to-end solution. They were able to design, supply and implement everything and are now managing the systems for us"

-Project Manager, Global Online Data Company

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